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What Past Recipients Say

"A testimonial quote from this person."

Jane Doe

2021, DKM First-Timer

"A quote from this individual."

Adrian Jones

2020, ACB/JPMorgan Chase Leadership Fellow

"This quote is very impactful and sincere."

Sarah Smith

2019, DKM First-Timer

“To be successful and command respect, a fledgling organization needs a guiding spirit, an organizer, a motivator and even a cheerleader.”

Durward K. McDaniel

"Father of ACB", 1915-1994

Durward K. McDaniel Fund Committee

To honor the memory and contributions of ACB pioneer Durward K. McDaniel, the DKM First Timer Committee annually selects two rising leaders – one from east and one from west of the Mississippi River – to attend the national conference and convention for the first time as guests of the committee and ACB.


Committee Chair

Kenneth Semien Sr., TX
(409) 866-5838

Committee Members

Anthony Akamine
Ted Boardman
Donna Browning
Zelda Gebhard
Betsy Grenevitch
Amanda Selm
Melanie Alt Sinohui
Frank Ventura
Sheila Young