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Grand Clock

Grand Clock 1.2 Released

In response to terrific feedback received from users, the new version includes the following features and fixes:

- Now includes Westminster Chimes!
- All settings are accessible in the Settings App, which is accessible with VoiceOver, for the visually impaired
- Enhanced artwork and precise hand movements
- Zoom in to just show the clock face without the background
- Landscape rotation supported
- Zoomed out view shows more clock, less whitespace
- Selection of roman numerals or numbers for the clock face
- Resumes without reloading when switching between apps
- Performance improved 50%, smoother animation on older devices

Grand Clock app available in the iTunes App Store

Grand Clock is a simulation of a real, classic grandfather clock just like the kind you might have found in your grandparent’s home.

The classic shape and design of the clock and face have been fathfully reproduced, along with the “tick-tock”, gears and gong sounds. You can turn on the Grand Clock to listen to the comforting sounds, and keep track of the time as you hear the gong sound on the half hour and hour.

Use the pinch gesture to zoom out or all the way in to just show the clock face.

Settings are available in the Settings app or by tapping the icon in the lower left of the Grand Clock app screen.