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Grand Clock 1.5.4 in the App Store

An update with cosmetic and stability enhancements is now available.

To decrease conflicts with other audio apps, the tick tock sound will no longer play when the app is in the background.*

The update includes compatibility fixes that allow correct scheduling and playback of musical chimes, correct speaker output, and an accessibility enhancement for VoiceOver users.

* For those who are interested, the ability to play a sound while the app was not running in the foreground was further restricted by changes to how audio sessions and routing sound to the main speaker are handled in iOS. Other projects demand attention, and by eliminating this feature, which most users do not use, the update was able to be released, as opposed to the alternative, which was to discontinue the app.

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Grand Clock and iOS 9

A few users have reported intermittent problems with chimes not always chiming after upgrading to iOS 9. Once the circumstances that trigger this issue are identified and the problem is fixed, an update will be posted. Additionally, a slight delay when striking the hours has been introduced with the upgrade that will also be corrected soon.

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Grand Clock iOS 8 Tip: Enable Notifications

A change in iOS 8 makes it necessary to enable notifications in order for the chimes to sound when Grand Clock is not running.

Go to the Settings app and select Notifications. Scroll to find Grand Clock, select it, and enable notifications.